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This is what you need to note in the First Trimester Pregnancy Diary

Congratulations! Finally you tested positive for pregnancy by a doctor. But wait, your struggle does not stop there. In this first trimester of pregnancy, there are some things that need to be considered so that your womb is always healthy. The first trimester of pregnancy is a very important time for the development of your fetus because this is when the organs will begin to form. At this time too, you are vulnerable to miscarriage. So that your pregnancy is healthy until the time of delivery, take care of your uterus as well as possible. Things to Look For During the First Trimester There are some important things you need to do to keep pregnancy in the first trimester healthy. Here are some things you need to do in the first trimester of pregnancy: 1. Select an obstetrician If you have been pregnant before, you may already have a suitable obstetrician or midwife. But if it's your first time pregnant, it's time you find out which obstetrician or midwife is most suitab
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Causes of Acne Growth on the Lips and How to Overcome It

Acne can appear anywhere, including on the lips. This skin problem can interfere with appearance to cause pain if inflamed. Check out the following article to find out the causes and ways to deal with acne on the lips. Acne is a skin problem that results from a blockage in the hair follicles on the surface of the skin that contains sebum and dead skin cells. Usually acne will appear in areas that have a lot of oil glands, such as face, neck, back, chest, shoulders, and shoulders. Causes of Acne on the Lips Oil glands will naturally produce sebum or skin's natural oils that are useful for lubricating hair and skin. However, if excessive, sebum and dead skin cells can accumulate in the hair follicles and clog them. Skin conditions like this become an ideal place for bacterial growth. When this happens, there will be inflammation that eventually causes acne. Besides acne, there are also skin problems that are prone to appear around the lips, namely herpes simplex virus infectio

Various Sundries Professional Nutritionist

Many of us mistakenly interpret the term nutritionist as a nutrition specialist. In fact, although both nutrition workers, authority and competence are clearly different. A nutritionist and / or nutrition expert is a competent nutritionist providing information about nutrition, as well as food recommendations and healthy eating patterns to the community at large. The educational background of the nutritionist is Diploma III, while the category of nutritionists with an S1 education background is known as a nutritionist and nutritionist. While nutrition specialist doctors are specialist doctors who focus on dealing with patient health problems related to nutrition, as well as providing nutritional medical therapy according to the patient's condition and oriented to the patient's disease history and general condition. His educational background is a general practitioner who has completed a master's degree in nutrition and underwent clinical education in clinical nutrition